Our Team

Our Team Our teachers values and very passionate about developing each child to be the best that they can be.

Hannah Moore

FS1 Turtle

Hannah is an experienced Foundation Stage 1 teacher who has experience working in nurseries throughout the U.K and the UAE. She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the EYFS framework and curriculum and a determination to provide children with the best learning experience possible within a safe and stimulating environment. Hannah has a very trusting and warm character and builds strong relationships with children and parents. Her classes are fun, exciting and focused on enthusiasm for learning, through a balance of adult led and child initiated teaching methods. Hannah believes the key to a great education is helping children develop curiosity and a desire to learn by exploring their surroundings and environment on a daily basis

Maria Rybalova

| Russian Language Teacher

Maria graduated from the Russian Pedagogical University with diploma in English Language and master’s degree in Russian Language and Literacy. Maria has always enjoyed working with children and adores presenting interesting classes for her students. They not only read and write in Russian but study the culture of Russian-speaking countries and compare them with UAE and the many other nationalities we have here at Oaktree. Our Russian Language teacher strongly believes that it’s very useful and important for children to know their roots and native language as it helps them to be tolerant to others and at the same time to be special as a person in a multinational country.

Agnieszka Kawalko

| French

Aga is a passionate teacher who believes that learning should be a beautiful journey for all children and the teacher should be their guide. She wants to teach pupils critical thinking and problem- solving skills by providing motivating learning environments. She uses strategies that meet individual needs of children and she builds positive relationship with every child. In her free time she loves to travel and discover new cultures.

Kamilla Akhmerova

FS1 Jellyfish

Kamilla is a creative and resourceful teacher with 5 years’ experience teaching in Dubai. She’s had the pleasure to teach children English as an additional language across the whole of Primary for two years before she obtained her PGCE and became a Primary Classroom Teacher. Kamilla is very passionate about Early Years Education and believes that EYFS is essential for building children’s self-confidence and developing social skills that will help them become successful life-long learners. In her classroom, Kamilla strives to create a safe and stimulating learning environment built on trust and mutual respect. The children are encouraged to take risks and try something new and are always rewarded for being independent, collaborative and showing care towards each other.

Donna Fletcher

FS2 Panda

Donna is a passionate and dedicated teacher specialising in the Early Years Education. She graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Advanced Study of the Early Years QTS, from Liverpool Hope University in 2008. Donna moved to Dubai in 2010 where she has been teaching ever since. Alongside her role as class teacher, she has also been a leader of the Science curriculum in her previous school. Donna is passionate about delivering a curriculum that is fun, creative and centred around the children’s interests. She states, “I believe it is essential to encourage creative and critical thinking alongside stimulating and meaningful experiences, to prepare children for their future.”

Rachel Mayhew

FS2 Monkey

Rachel has a total of six years teaching experience, four of which were in the UK and two here in Dubai. She is a creative and energetic teacher, providing a positive, engaging and safe environment for all children. She is passionate about teaching and believes that learning opportunities should allow each child to reach and even excel their potential. Rachel has experience working with children from a range of backgrounds, abilities and special needs and so has a strong understanding of creating an inclusive environment for all.

Pamela Woodall

FS2 Tiger

Pamela is an enthusiastic, committed and energetic teacher who provides an interactive and stimulating environment for all the children in her care. She believes in the importance of facilitating learning by providing children with the tools and skills to investigate and question their own learning. Pamela encourages them to be risk takers, curious and open minded. She strives to make the curriculum engaging and hands on. Pamela has a high level of cultural awareness from living in the Middle East with a strong international mindedness.

Farhat Hussain

Y1 Leopard
Farhat is a passionate and dedicated teacher, who is committed to inspire the academic and moral excellence of her children. Through seven years of teaching experience, she has developed a philosophy that a classroom should be a place of joy, discovery, exploration and imagination. She ensures this by encouraging a sense of awe and wonder in learning through exploration and delivering a relevant curriculum for all. As a teacher, Farhat strives to encourage a passion for learning, which encompasses a range of academic, creative and sporting possibilities for all children.

Olivia Booth

Y1 Giraffe

Olivia is an enthusiastic, creative and caring teacher who has been teaching in Key Stage One for five years, in the UK and in Dubai. Her passion is to make a difference to a child’s school experience through creating active, engaging and challenging lessons within a safe and stimulating environment. Her main aim as a teacher is for every child in her care to have a love for learning and to be excited to come to school. Olivia’s ethos for the classroom strongly encourages every child to express their ideas through questioning and class discussions so they become independent and lifelong learners.

Abdel Marir

Y2 Lizard

Abdel is an experienced teacher who has worked at various outstanding schools in the UK. Originally from London, Abdel graduated with a BA (hons) in Modern History, before completing his PGCE at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Abdel has an eclectic taste when it comes to various sports. Abdel is experienced in both Key Stage one and two acting as a subject lead in previous roles. Abdel considers his teaching method as engaging, fun and interactive. He enjoys using various active learning strategies through the application of real life contexts. “Children should love being at school and one way of doing this is by ensuring that they are happy and made to feel included in all activities. My approach is to ensure that children are socially constructing relationships with their peers as experiential learning is a focal part of the National Curriculum”. Abdel brings his experience to build on our strong Key Stage one team’s skills and leads the School’s Student Council in informing our school’s direction and aims.

Niall McGonigle

Y2 Hedgehog

Niall believes that every child should have access to an exciting, engaging and relevant education, which should instil a lifelong desire to learn and equip them to face an ever-changing world. It is this belief that drives his daily practice. Niall strives to inspire, support and release the potential of every child in his care by providing them with unique, interesting and thought-provoking experiences. Niall has a passion for Music, Science, Reading and Sports.

Siobhan Marnell

Y3 Oryx

Siobhan is a dedicated and committed teacher and Key Stage 1 leader. She draws on her creative background to build a learning environment that is exciting and inspires children to be great all-round learners. As a teacher Siobhan Marnell motivates her children to do their best, extending their own personal limits, whilst supporting them to develop their social skills and values and encouraging them to flourish as rounded, inquisitive and confident individuals.

Jordan Stock

Year 4 Flamingo

Jordan Stock has been living and working in Dubai for over three years and has been a qualified primary school teacher for 5 years. He graduated with a PGCE from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Carmarthen, Wales. Jordan previously worked at a local village school near his home town in Wales before making the decision to come to Dubai. Jordan has a keen interest in computers and is passionate about using technology to empower learning. Since graduating, Jordan has been overseeing ICT in both his schools and looks forward to promoting a love of technology at Oaktree Primary School. Jordan has experience teaching across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and this will be his third year teaching in Year 4. He believes that happy learners are successful learners and always aims to ensure his pupils enjoy every day in school.

Aruna Lalloo

Year 6 Hawk

Aruna is an experienced, creative and resourceful teacher with proven ability to enhance students’ performance with her positive and effective teaching style. Aruna has sixteen years of varied instructional experience in the UAE and South Africa. She was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Higher Colleges of Technology-Dubai for being a school-based mentor in the Bachelor of Education Practicum Program for being a mentor to Emirati teachers. She believes in lifelong learning in a connected world where creative problem-solving and critical thinking is paramount. Aruna sets high learning expectations where her students are encouraged, motivated and challenged to strive for their personal best in all spheres of their school lives. She seeks to engage students’ interest and creativity by guiding them to make connections between learning and their understanding of the world. Her goal is to facilitate the development of responsible, collaborative students with 21st century skills.

Elizabeth van Graan

Year 5 Gazelle

Elizabeth has over 6 years teaching experience ranging across all year groups. She has been based in the UAE for the past 5 years. She believes in an inclusive teaching environment that motivates students to learn and grow in, and out, of the classroom. She is a firm believer in creative instruction and makes sure students have fun through learning. Elizabeth wants her students to be passionate about school and their studies continually pushing them to reach beyond their goal and develop their academic skills to the highest standard. Her main aim is to create a stimulating, interactive and safe learning environment for her students.

Chekwube Onyilimba


Chekwube started his musical journey at a very young age. He has been working in Dubai as a music teacher for three years. His aim is to make children fall in love with music and he wants to inspire them to explore every aspect of music. Chekwube not only delivers music lessons in curriculum time, but he also teaches private one-to-one lessons to our children. After school he teaches various musical instrument lessons and wants to create a school choir and a school instrumental group, which he hopes will develop a positive music culture in school.

Dora Majoros

| Inclusion Specialist

Dora is a highly dedicated and caring Inclusion Specialist who has a positive outlook on life and strives to demonstrate this through her support of Students of Determination. She has two master’s Degrees; one in Psychology and a second in Special Education. During her studies she completed many professional training courses, including but not limited to, Applied Behavior Analysis, Teacher Development Training, Psychodrama Therapy Techniques, Psycho-diagnostic Assessment Training. During her career she has worked in educational and medical institutions across Hungary, Italy and UAE. She believes in the value of patience and encouragement and how these can positively impact the levels of progress in an inclusion setting. Dora promotes Inclusion across the school with passion and drive and, guided by the Inclusive Education Framework, she is promoting Inclusive education in a modern and wholistic way.

Mais Haddad

Arabic B

Mais studied educational techniques and psychological guidance for children with learning difficulties, for four years. She started her career at a Taer Alfenek School in her home country where she cultivated her talent and acquired new teaching skills. Since she moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2014, she has contributed towards enriching her experience and developing her teaching skills in line with international teaching standards, she enjoys developing activities and educational games and songs that attract the attention of children and helps them learn using modern teaching techniques. Mais is very proud to be part of Oaktree family and she is looking forward to a prosperous and rewarding experience.

Abir Turkman

Islamic B

Abir Turkman has been an Islamic Education Teacher for the past twelve years. She studied in Damascus University and graduated in 1999 in the sharia (Islamic studies) Department. She received a Diploma in Educational qualification in 2001. Abir likes reading and sports a lot. She is very pleased and happy to be a teacher. She is a high-flyer and self-motivated. Abir is eager to learn and use the newest strategies in modern teaching that reflect positively on the children and encourage them to learn more.

Wala Kharasani

Islamic A

Wala started learning about Islam from a very young age and memorised the Holy Qur’an at a very tender age of nine. She studied traditional Islamic Sciences at college here in Dubai with Imam Malak. Wala received authorisations in various books including the major books that constitute the Hadith. She also took part in a one year course in specialisation in the science of giving legal verdicts, which is Iftaa.