Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

“Life is about belief. It is about doing what we know to be right because ours is a mission to make the world a better place; and to achieve this by working with children and their parents in order to give those children the best possible opportunity of making their world, and the world of those around them, as positive as it can be.”

This is my personal belief and the belief of all at Oaktree Primary School, as we encourage every single child in our care to achieve their maximum potential by striving to give of their best and to achieve everything that they can in all that they do.

Your children will learn the basic skills of literacy and numeracy, but they will learn much more than that. They will learn to give of their best, be empathic, and to understand the world as a complex place built on simple principles. Your child will learn to inquire, to be inquisitive and to innovate.

Why are we different? We are different because here, at Oaktree Primary School, we seek to create a family where your child is known as an individual, where your child is part of ‘the village within the city’. We know how much you love your children. It is our duty to honour that love by creating, with you, an environment where your child is special and your child achieves everything that they are capable of. We seek to cater for all by understanding that all children are different, but all have potential to grow.

Please, come and join us. We would love to meet you to tell you more about ourselves and to find out about you and your family.

Oaktree Primary School.