Letter from the School Principal

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Oaktree Primary School.

The aim of the website is to give you an understanding of our values and our commitment to excellence. We have very high academic expectations, our learning is challenging, engaging and relevant to our children. Our objective is to allow all children to access the curriculum, we also ensure all children reach their potential and our lessons are planned to allow children to progress.

Our children need to grow and develop as global citizens and need to be aware of the needs and differences of their peers within school. All children are different, face different challenges, progress at different rates and by embracing these differences and celebrating multicultural Dubai, we will develop a positive Oaktree child, who is aware of the world around them.

We provide additional language courses for native French, Spanish and Russian speaking children within curriculum time. The French children follow the French Curriculum and the Spanish and Russian children have lessons to build upon the language skills they’ve already developed. The parents of these children have responded positively to this initiative and it has been a great success. We aim to add more languages in the future.

We welcome parents to the school and we have created strong relationships with our parents that we will build upon over the coming years. We want the school to be part of the local and wider Dubai community. We are committed to the UAE National Agenda and we also value the opportunities that occur living within the UAE.

We develop future leaders in both our teachers and children. Our four core competencies: Citizenship, Creativity, Commitment and Confidence are displayed in our learners and our teachers provide opportunities for children to show these qualities. Our staff continually display the high quality skills and knowledge to move the school forward and our school leadership team have shown they have the experience to support the school in ensuring our commitment to excellence. We are a small school and this allows us to have very close relationships with our parents, bringing everyone together to feel part of an Oaktree family.

If you want to find out more about us, the best way is to come and visit. But if you would rather start by following us, you can become a follower on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Craig Dyche-Nichols,

School Principal, Oaktree Primary School.