Our Team

Our teachers values and very passionate about developing each child to be the best that they can be.
Rebecca Griffith | FS1 – Jellyfish
Rebecca is an exceptional Foundation Stage teacher. Her unique skills provide a secure base for any child to enjoy learning, but most importantly strive to learn as she creates an enriched environment whereby children’s curiosity leads them to explore and learn through play. Rebecca sets clearly defined learning goals for each individual child and, as an accomplished teacher, she ensures they reach their full potential giving them support, care, love and praise, rewarding their talents and building a defined partnership with parents so that all parents are welcomed.

Pamela Woodall | FS1 – Turtle
Pamela is an enthusiastic, committed and energetic teacher who provides an interactive and stimulating environment for all the children in her care. She believes in the importance of facilitating learning by providing children with the tools and skills to investigate and question their own learning. Pamela encourages them to be risk takers, curious and open minded. She strives to make the curriculum engaging and hands on. Pamela has a high level of cultural awareness from living in the Middle East with a strong international mindedness.

Lyndsay Telford | FS2 – Manta Ray
Lyndsay is a passionate classroom practitioner who is committed to providing valuable and enjoyable learning opportunities for the children in her care. Lyndsay has taught across the Key Stages in both Scotland and Qatar. She believes in supporting children to become responsible and caring individuals in a positive learning environment where children feel happy, valued and safe. Lyndsay seeks to provide relevant and meaningful learning opportunities by working collaboratively with her colleagues and pupils, to ensure the needs of her pupils are fulfilled.

Louise Baxter | FS2 – Octopus
Louise is a dedicated teacher, with teaching experiences from around the world. She has spent the last two years successfully teaching in the UAE, enjoying local culture and traditions. She prioritises each individual child’s health and happiness in order to ensure the very best start on their educational path; she promotes a love of learning through practical, hands-on experiences. Louise inspires children to be responsible, independent and take pride in all they achieve; “Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.” – (Anatole France).

Tia Neale | FS2 – Starfish
Tia is an inspirational and passionate teacher and Foundation Stage leader, who is committed to all the children in her care. She is an outstanding teacher with eight years’ experience. Tia believes that every young person deserves the best possible start in life and that by ensuring learning in Foundation Stage is exciting, engaging and enjoyable, and by steering children’s natural curiosity, she aims to enable children to become confident, bold and prepared to be challenged.

Natalie Twigger | Y1 – Camel
Natalie has an unbridled passion for teaching and education and one of her central beliefs is the importance of creating a positive learning environment where there are high expectations of all children. She believes that Primary Education should build on the entire potential of each child in a loving and caring community, where each person is unique, valued and respected. Natalie aims to inspire young, inquisitive minds by delivering lessons which are engaging, exciting and challenging, motivating all children to reach their full potential.

Henrietta Owen | Y1 – Leopard
Henrietta is a creative, dynamic and dedicated teacher. She has ten years teaching experience in contrasting primary settings, both in the UK and here in Dubai. Henrietta has a strong track record for raising achievement and improving standards across all areas of the Primary curriculum, specialising in Early Years. She is passionate about teaching and creating a positive, safe environment for her children, parents and colleagues. Her belief is schools should be inclusive with all children encouraged to participate and achieve their individual goals.

Anika Mir | Y2 – Hedgehog
Anika is an experienced, outstanding practitioner, who has a passion for teaching. She believes that the most rewarding and important type of learning is through fun, interactive and hands on experiences. This belief ensures that Anika is dedicated to developing and implementing a creative curriculum that reaches every pupil’s learning style and ability, empowering students to succeed and reach their individual goals. Anika is a positive, highly motivated individual, who thrives on creating an enjoyable atmosphere with high expectations and exceptional behaviour. Anika’s favourite subject is Mathematics. She also loves drama, music, and dance and is interested in every innovation in technology; this is evident in the way that she engages her pupils in her lesson delivery.

Farhat Hussain | Y2 – Lizard
Farhat is a passionate and dedicated teacher, who is committed to inspire the academic and moral excellence of her students. Through seven years of teaching experience, she has developed a philosophy that a classroom should be a place of joy, discovery, exploration and imagination. She ensures this by encouraging a sense of awe and wonder in learning through exploration and delivering a relevant curriculum for all. As a teacher, Farhat strives to encourage a passion for learning, which encompasses a range of academic, creative and sporting possibilities for all children.

Niall McGonigle | Y3 – Oryx
Niall believes that every child should have access to an exciting, engaging and relevant education, which should instill a lifelong desire to learn and equip them to face an ever-changing world. It is this belief that drives his daily practice. Niall strives to inspire, support and release the potential of every child in his care by providing them with unique, interesting and thought-provoking experiences. Niall has a passion for Music, Science, Reading and Sports.

Daniel Milne | Y3 – Wolf
Daniel is a dedicated and committed teacher and Key Stage 1 leader. He draws on his creative background to build a learning environment that is exciting and inspires children to be great all-round learners. As a teacher Daniel motivates his students to do their best, extending their own personal limits, whilst supporting them to develop their social skills and values and encouraging them to flourish as rounded, inquisitive and confident individuals.

Tom Hopkins | Y4 – Flamingo
Tom is an experienced, motivated teacher who is devoted to the education and well-being of all pupils. He is committed to delivering an engaging curriculum through creative, thought-provoking lessons, giving children every opportunity to explore and engage in hands-on learning. Tom believes in the importance of building supportive and nurturing relationships with the pupils in order to provide them with an equal opportunity to grow and learn whilst, at the same time, encouraging independent thought and self-esteem.

Michelle Lewis | Y5 – Gazelle
Michelle Lewis has lived and worked in Dubai within the education sector since 2010. She graduated with a PGCE in Primary Education from Glasgow University, Scotland. She previously worked at a predominantly Emirati school in Mirdif for six and a half years before moving to work in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) education. Michelle has taught in Key Stage one and two and is able to pitch lessons with precision and effective pacing. Her passion for teaching and working with children is evident in her day to day practice and her children learn to develop a love of learning. As the Year 5 class teacher for Gazelle and Key Stage Two Leader, Michelle sees teaching as a vocation and not just a job. She states ‘For me, teaching is not about providing children with lots of knowledge, it’s about providing children with the skills and resources necessary to learn for themselves.’.

Wala Kharasani | Islamic A
Wala started learning about Islam from a very young age and memorised the Holy Qur’an at a very tender age of nine. She studied traditional Islamic Sciences at college here in Dubai with Imam Malak. Wala received authorisations in various books including the major books that constitute the Hadith. She also took part in a one year course in specialisation in the science of giving legal verdicts, which is Iftaa.

Abir Turkman | Islamic B
Abir Turkman has been an Islamic Education Teacher for the past twelve years. She studied in Damascus University and graduated in 1999 in the sharia (Islamic studies) Department. She received a Diploma in Educational qualification in 2001. Abir likes reading and sports a lot. She is very pleased and happy to be a teacher. She is a high-flyer and self-motivated. Abir is eager to learn and use the newest strategies in modern teaching that reflect positively on the students and encourage them to learn more.

Abir Tayfour | Arabic A
Abir Tayfour is a very capable Arabic teacher who has obtained, through many years of experience, lots of modern skills in the teaching of Arabic. By employing modern teaching techniques such as learning through playing, motivating thinking, initiation and empowering innovation within her students, Abir has a proven record of successful achievement. By Joining Oaktree Primary School, Abir aims to teach the Arabic language through both a simplified and easy approach as well as strengthening the children’s knowledge of the Arabic language.

Mais Haddad | Arabic B
Mais studied educational techniques and psychological guidance for children with learning difficulties, for four years. She started her career at a Taer Alfenek School in her home country where she cultivated her talent and acquired new teaching skills. Since she moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2014, she has contributed towards enriching her experience and developing her teaching skills in line with international teaching standards, she enjoys developing activities and educational games and songs that attract the attention of children and helps them learn using modern teaching techniques. Mais is very proud to be part of Oaktree family and she is looking forward to a prosperous and rewarding experience.

Chekwube Onyilimba | Music
Chekwube started his musical journey at a very young age. He has been working in Dubai as a music teacher for three years. His aim is to make children fall in love with music and he wants to inspire them to explore every aspect of music. Chekwube not only delivers music lessons in curriculum time, but he also teaches private one-to-one lessons to our children. After school he teaches various musical instrument lessons and wants to create a school choir and a school instrumental group, which he hopes will develop a positive music culture in school.

Agnieszka Kawalko | French
Aga is a passionate teacher who believes that learning should be a beautiful journey for all children and the teacher should be their guide. She wants to teach pupils critical thinking and problem- solving skills by providing motivating learning environments. She uses strategies that meet individual needs of children and she builds positive relationship with every child. In her free time she loves to travel and discover new cultures.

Katie James | Physical Education
Katie’s philosophy for teaching is ‘sport for all’. She believes that it is vital to develop pupils’ enjoyment for sport so that all children have a positive attitude to physical activity leading to a healthy active lifestyle. Katie’s approach to delivering physical education is to educate, to enrich and to enthuse. Her energetic teaching approach ensures pupils develop communication, leadership skills and physical literacy enabling the holistic growth of all her pupils.