Our Management

Our teachers and leaders are all passionate about developing each child to be the best that they can be.
Craig Dyche-Nichols | Principal
BSc (Hons)
Craig Dyche-Nichols has been teaching for sixteen years; the last five have been in the UAE. Craig’s previous positions in primary, secondary and through-schools have included Head of Middle School and Vice-Principal. Oaktree Primary School will be the third new school Craig has helped set-up. His philosophy matches that of Oaktree Primary School, to promote creativity, character, excellence and a love for learning for the children in his care. As a leader and a teacher, Craig is passionate about achieving success, not only for individual children, but also for groups of learners, helping them overcome barriers to succeed and always aim high. His main aim is to make Oaktree Primary School truly outstanding.

Hala Goussous Muasher | Head of Special Educational Needs
Hala has worked within a school setting since graduating from the University of Jordan in 2006. She has a BSc (Hons) in Special Educational Needs. Hala moved to Oman in 1995, spending the majority of her life in Muscat before moving to back to Amman, making her a true “third culture child”. Hala has been Head of Special Educational Needs for the past 10 years. Hala and her husband moved to Dubai almost 5 years ago. Her role includes well-being and encouraging children to strive for their personal best, with an important focus on a smooth transition from Foundation Stage to Primary School. Hala believes that each child at Oaktree Primary School is an individual who is capable of great achievement. “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out!” Dr. Suess.

Tia Neale | FS Leader
Tia is an inspirational and passionate teacher and Foundation Stage leader, who is committed to all the children in her care. She is an outstanding teacher with eight years’ experience. Tia believes that every young person deserves the best possible start in life and that by ensuring learning in Foundation Stage is exciting, engaging and enjoyable, and by steering children’s natural curiosity, she aims to enable children to become confident, bold and prepared to be challenged.

Anika Mir | KS 1 Leader
Anika is an experienced, outstanding practitioner, who has a passion for teaching. She believes that the most rewarding and important type of learning is through fun, interactive and hands on experiences. This belief ensures that Anika is dedicated to developing and implementing a creative curriculum that reaches every pupil’s learning style and ability, empowering students to succeed and reach their individual goals. Anika is a positive, highly motivated individual, who thrives on creating an enjoyable atmosphere with high expectations and exceptional behaviour. Anika’s favourite subject is Mathematics. She also loves drama, music, and dance and is interested in every innovation in technology; this is evident in the way that she engages her pupils in her lesson delivery.

Michelle Lewis | KS 2 Leader
Michelle Lewis has lived and worked in Dubai within the education sector since 2010. She graduated with a PGCE in Primary Education from Glasgow University, Scotland. She previously worked at a predominantly Emirati school in Mirdif for six and a half years before moving to work in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) education. Michelle has taught in Key Stage one and two and is able to pitch lessons with precision and effective pacing. Her passion for teaching and working with children is evident in her day to day practice and her children learn to develop a love of learning. As the Year 5 class teacher for Gazelle and Key Stage Two Leader, Michelle sees teaching as a vocation and not just a job. She states ‘For me, teaching is not about providing children with lots of knowledge, it’s about providing children with the skills and resources necessary to learn for themselves.’

Daniel Milne | Assessment Leader
BSc (Hons), PGCE
Daniel is a dedicated and committed teacher and Key Stage 1 leader. He draws on his creative background to build a learning environment that is exciting and inspires children to be great all-round learners. As a teacher Daniel motivates his students to do their best, extending their own personal limits, whilst supporting them to develop their social skills and values and encouraging them to flourish as rounded, inquisitive and confident individuals.

Niall McGonigle | Science and STEAM Leader
Niall believes that every child should have access to an exciting, engaging and relevant education, which should instill a lifelong desire to learn and equip them to face an ever-changing world. It is this belief that drives his daily practice. Niall strives to inspire, support and release the potential of every child in his care by providing them with unique, interesting and thought-provoking experiences. Niall has a passion for Music, Science, Reading and Sports.

Tom Hopkins | Arts Leader
Tom is an experienced, motivated teacher who is devoted to the education and well-being of all pupils. He is committed to delivering an engaging curriculum through creative, thought-provoking lessons, giving children every opportunity to explore and engage in hands-on learning. Tom believes in the importance of building supportive and nurturing relationships with the pupils in order to provide them with an equal opportunity to grow and learn whilst, at the same time, encouraging independent thought and self-esteem.