Letter from the Founding Principal

Dear Parents,
I cannot tell you how delighted and proud I am of the success and progress of the children of Oaktree Primary School since we opened the school at the end of August 2016. When I think that we started a relatively short time ago, I can already see that the culture that we aimed to develop at the start is growing and establishing itself before our very eyes.

“The village within the city” was the mantra that was repeated when anyone asked what the school was like, and I believe that is what we have achieved, and continue to achieve. We want our school to honour its claim to be unique as a small school, with the sense of community that this brings, but one with very reasonable fees, at a time when many parents are concerned about being able to afford to provide the best for their child.

Oaktree Primary School is a school that is led by three people, Christopher McDermott (Founding Principal), Carrie Hoza (Vice Principal), and the Craig Dyche-Nichols (Assistant Principal), who have all led, or been a part of teams that have led, Outstanding schools here in the United Arab Emirates. For myself, I have been fortunate to have led Outstanding schools in Dubai and in London. When you have had such experiences you know that success for your school and, most importantly, for your children, comes from hard work, co-operation and vision.

No school can be truly successful unless it works with its parents and children, seeking to understand and develop, to expect each child to always do their best, not only to achieve success, but because the striving for success, having those goals and aims in life, is what brings happiness to ourselves and those around us. For me, this is the story of ‘the human condition’ and it is what drives us at Oaktree to work with your children in order that they achieve everything of which they are capable, whatever that is, so that they are proud of themselves and you are proud of them.

We know that you love your children more than words can tell. It is our duty to honour and respect that love by giving your children the very best education we possibly can and we will, we promise!

Please, come and join us. We would love to meet you to tell you more about ourselves and to find out about you and your family.

If you want to find out more about us, the best way is to come and visit. But if you would rather start by following us, you can become a follower on: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Christopher McDermott,

Founding Principal, Oaktree Primary School.