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School for Talented and Gifted Child

Oaktree Primary School is one of the good schools in Dubai that provides personalized teaching and training for students and an inclusive school for gifted and talented children. In our Foundation Stage, we only have up to 18 students in each class and in KS1 & 2 we only take up to 22 student. This low teacher student ratio allows teachers to give individual attention to each child. At Oaktree, we believe in treating each child as a special individual. We don’t just teach students the basic skills in language and arithmetic, but also life skills.

A school for talented and gifted children should be designed to meet their special learning needs. A high IQ and advanced abilities will make it difficult for children to sit for long hours in classrooms and listen to lectures. Such children may learn at a faster rate and in a different way than others in their classroom. Such children benefit from more freedom and independence to learn at their own pace. Forcing them to settle down to the normal pace will only stifle their curiosity and discourage them. That’s why at Oaktree, we create a comfortable learning environment for all children to explore and discover. We don’t force children to listen to boring lectures, but learn by doing.

We are also a school for children with learning disabilities. The same principles apply for slow learners too. These children will not have a long attention span and regular teaching methods will only bore and frustrate them. Such children will have their own unique and special skills. The teacher has to identify the special skills of these children and encourage them to develop them. The teacher spends quality time with each student and gives personalized attention, which is very important for their development.

You many find many good schools in Dubai, but you will not find one like Oaktree Primary School. It is because we are different from the usual schools. We teach children to be inquisitive and learn from doing. We teach both gifted children and students with learning disabilities the right way they need to develop their unique abilities.