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School for Children with Learning Disabilities

Oaktree Primary School is an inclusive school for children with learning disabilities. Located in Dubai, we are one of the leading schools offering a British curriculum. Our syllabus also includes Ministry of Education’s curriculum for Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies. This means that the child is exposed to the best of both the worlds. At Oaktree, we believe in treating each child as an individual with unique skills and talents. We understand the importance of spending quality time with each student to help improve their skills and abilities. In our school, we treat your child as an individual and not just part of the student mass. This means that we provide more individual attention to each child. Following such a personalized teaching technique makes us one of the best schools in Dubai.

We have a safe campus where the child is encouraged to explore and learn. In our school, we understand that children with learning disabilities don’t learn and understand at the same pace as their peers. They may grasp some concepts faster and some later. So, our teachers are patient and work at the child’s pace. Moreover, slow learners and those with additional needs have a short attention span. None of our children are forced to sit in classrooms for long hours. They have plenty of activities to stimulate their senses and encourage them to explore their environment. We also conduct activities that will develop their social skills and on top of the prescribed syllabus, we also include plenty of life skills in our teaching.

At Oaktree, we teach life skills like responsibility, empathy, safety, care for others, and risk taking. These life skills will help build the child’s confidence and help them in the latter half of their life. In our school, we make it compulsory for children to wear uniform. The uniform lets the children know that all are equal in the eyes of the teacher. So there is no differentiation between a gifted child and a student with learning disabilities. If you are looking for British schools in Dubai that will suit your child, then come to us. Let’s help your child grow and develop in a safe and secure environment.